Mitt drømmereisemål

Tenkte å kaste meg på Frøken Fabelaktigs utfordring, Mitt drømmereisemål.

Da jeg og Mannen ble forlovet hadde vi planen klar: Vi skulle gifte oss på ei strand i Asia. Bryllupsplanlegger ble kontaktet, reiseplan ble lagt, og vi hadde fått reiserute hos et reisebyrå. Og så ble jeg gravid. Siden jeg var ganske så redd for at noe skulle gå galt under graviditeten bestemte vi oss for å utsette turen, og heller gifte oss litt nærmere hjemme. Ja, Portugal er kanskje ikke nabolandet, men nært nok med godkjent hygiene og uten de skumleste sykdommene (hilsen legen min).

Jeg har fremdeles kjempelyst til å dra til Asia, problemet er bare at det er så mye å se, at jeg tror at barna må bli litt større for å kunne holde følge 🙂 Akkurat nå tror jeg det er Thailand som er øverst på reisemållista mi.

Koh Tapu Island, bilde fra

Koh Tapu Island, bilde fra

Der hadde jeg ikke hatt noe i mot å være... Bilde fra

Der hadde jeg ikke hatt noe i mot å være… Bilde fra

Flytende marked. Bilde fra

Flytende marked. Bilde fra

Krabi, ja takk. Bilde fra

Krabi, ja takk. Bilde fra

Sol, varme, god mat, annen kultur, masse å se… Kan en ferie bli bedre? Vi får se om noen år 😉

Harry Potter and my sick, sick mind

I’m finally able to go out after Emmy’s bed time now (hello, you guys, it only took 10.5 months!), and when my friend from college, Sunniva, came to town, we had to do what we so often did when we both lived in Oslo: Go to the movies! We first went to Yaya’s (I think I mentioned that place before, cause I’ve been on a date night with Husband there), and we even had drinks! I felt like a student again 😉

Then we went to see the new Harry Potter movie. It’s been too long since I read the books now, so I don’t remember as much as I thought I would, and that’s maybe the reason why I loved this movie more than any of the other HP movies. I always get disappointed when the cut scenes or modify the story to fit into an entertaining movie, but this time I was able to just sit back and enjoy it. Well, biting my nails off, more.

Anyway, on my way back home I rushed through the streets, convinced that the Death Eaters were after me. When I read the books I used to dream that I was in the wonderful world of wizards, and I used spells and what not, and was super disappointed when I woke up. Well, the night after I had seen the movie, I woke up at 4 AM (Emmy was awake), and I, for some reason, decided to check twitter on my phone, and read this (it was posted on Post Secret last Sunday), and when I fell back to sleep again, I dreamt that I had a crush on Tom Felton.

O M G. I need to get out more.

Tween dreaming

Last night I dreamt that I really liked Cedric Diggory, but he was all dark and Edward-y. And not long ago I had a dream about Taylor Lautner. Damn you, Tweens! I haven’t even watched the last movies…

Speaking of dreams..

It’s now the fourth time in a very short while I’ve dreamt that I liked Joe Jonas. He’s like 19, with big bushy eyebrows and breaks up with his girlfriend over the phone. Just dreamy! I can’t seem to understand why my mind somehow finds him attractive (or whatever it is that makes me dream of him so often).

It’s borderline gross, actually. So, please, get out of my dreams, Joe Jonas!

Sweet dreams are made of cheese

I’m having these very vivid dreams lately. Last night was about me and Line going to a Gavin concert. Suddenly I realized that I was naked, and needed to find a dress before the concert. No problem going around in Oslo city naked, but on a Gavin concert? No way! So we went everywhere not finding what I wanted until there; the perfect dress! But Line saw it first and wouldn’t let me get the same as her, so I was still running around naked 🙁 The dream ended with me going home to get a dress (why didn’t I think about that before?), and I didn’t even get to dream about the wonderful magic that is a Gavin concert.

The night before that I had a dream about hanging on a paradise beach with John Mayer. Topless. WIth paparazzi all around us. I tried to cover up, but I had nothing to wrap around me.

Weird having two naked dreams in a row. It must have been decades since I had a dream like that…

New year, new beginning?

New Year’s Eve was great! Left my family at the cabin, and flew back to Oslo to a seven-course (7!) dinner that a friend made to the 8 of us. The guests left at 6AM.

Had a dream that Curly had just met a girl, and they wanted to get married with me as the maid of honour. I was really happy for them, but told them over and over to take it slow. Hello Mr. Shrink, what does that mean?

Woke up to a message from Gavin. Last year I was «cute», this year I’m «sweet».

Status update.

Saturday was fun. Project Hook up Girlfriend with Workmate: Not successful, but at least she broke up with her no-good-boyfriend.

Had Hanne-Lill on a quick visit today. Reminded me how much I miss her. Saw MI:III, and that eye thing really bugged me. Gross. Good to see her again though 🙂

Don’t think this exam is going too well as I got persuaded to go to the Candidates’ Ball on Saturday where there will be lots of drinking. Damn. I’ll also have Kris here from Thursday to Saturday or something, plus I’m going out with VSU tomorrow and watch Søren sing on Friday.

Oh, and the day after I had the dream about Simon I got a text from him. We’ll might meet up sometime in February if he’s visiting a friend in Sweden. Should be fun. I still think he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Damn you Irish girls for keeping them for yourselves!

Oh, JM guy, what art thou name?

Only one day left at the clinic. I’m gonna miss it, but it’s gonna be great to be back at school again. It’s the last block of theory though. Scary!

The JM guy was back last Saturday and he’s SO cute. Tonje said that I should write my phone number on his reciept, but I’m giving up guys for a while, plus I wouldn’t have done it anyway. I’m tired of the drama. Oh, but he’s so cute..

Had a dream about Simon last night. He was visiting me in my home town. It was weird as I haven’t thought about him for some time now.