Old times and new times

Having time to lunch with other people today (this week has been hell) I had a chance to actually sit and chat with humans again… We were talking about the advantages and disadvantages with living with someone. A woman said that if you have a cat you don’t need a man, something I strongly disagree with, haha. Anyway, I told them that I lived alone for almost a year and I was almost NEVER home. I was out with friends or working my ass off, but now I’m almost never out at all. It’s even a drag to go to the grocery store.

Boyfriend is at a concert today, and I’m home alone with Aurora. After cuddling for hours she has fallen asleep on her bed and I’m now trying decoupaging. I got a starter set from my mom when I first moved to Oslo — something to do while in the big town. I have NO idea of how this will be, but I’m trying to decorate this cheap ass mini chest from IKEA. If I fail I’ll just turn it, heh.

And while doing this I’m listening to old songs on iTunes that makes me want to go back to the wild vet school parties. It’s a bad thing that I actually get invited to the wildness cause when I decide to go it’s not even close to the fun we used to have.

I feel old


Jeg har visst glemt mye anestesi siden jeg var student… Bare litt over ett år siden. Bra jeg har gode lærere!


Ugh, I can’t believe it, but I’ve got the cold. I was getting better from the virus or whatever I had, and now I’m all snot and phlegm. Nice. Very nice.

We finally got a lock on the storeroom, so we’re able to put away the things we don’t want or need in the apartment. It’s even messier here now than when we were putting the kitchen in order, but the thought of having everything like we want in the end is what keeps us through the day.

I’ve started using twitter. Add me if you’re there 🙂


Ah, screw that!

Yesterday was the strangest day I’ve ever experienced.

First it was McSweety who sent me text messages that was not suited for his relationship status. And I was trying so hard to be the good girl, but the wine was getting the best of me and I’m falling so helplessly for him.

Then it was Curly aka McSlutface. Rumour said that he was dating this girl, but whenever I asked about it, he just denied it, and now he almost didn’t wanna admit that there ever was a girl, but I was really happy for him (and this was way before I had a thing for McSweety) if it was true. So we had a little chat about this girl and he said they weren’t even talking anymore. And I told him about McSweety, and he said I should stay away from him and I said that it was all or nothing for me, which he agreed was the right thing. So later the usual thing happened: He made his move and I said no. And then I told him it was all or nothing, just for fun, but he didn’t get it. So he got quiet and then asked: «Do you really mean it?» And I said yes, and he said it freaked him a little bit out. So I just let him believe that I was serious and said that «Oh, well, then there’s nothing else to discuss..» and grabbed my bag to leave. We talked a little bit, but it didn’t lead anywhere, so I just went home.

On my way home I got messages from McSweety and I replied that we should stop cause it couldn’t end in anything good. And this is where he went from McSweety to McOhNoYouDidn’t. He replied that I probably was right, but he only said what he meant. And before I could answer I get this: «But you’re playing along..» Blah, guys can be so stupid.. And then yet another message came: «Good night anyway». I just said I didn’t want to mess up his relationship and whatnot, so we should stop.

And then I get home and Curly calls me and wants to come over to talk. What the hell is wrong with this world? Throughout the night I was still in shock that the guy formerly known as McSweety had sent me those messages, and now Curly wanted to talk? Well, we did it quickly over the phone: I said no to everything he said. Haha.

So, I get up to my room and see that I have a message from a guy from school on facebook. He wanted me to come with him to Belgium. This is a guy I’ve spoken to.. Once or twice? Odd.

Then I wake up today and Curly calls and asked if I wanted to hang. So we did. And now I’m even more confused.

I hate this name curse!

This is it!

Yes, this is it. The moment I’ve worked for since I was 8 years old: I’m finally done with school! I’m a veterinary nurse.

The exam was horrible. I got the two worse subjects ever, the subjects that we all hated the most: Hygiene and immunology. Hor-ri-ble! Hygiene in itself isn’t that bad, but my exam was to clean up after a colic surgery on a horse. Yes, I got horse. I’ve said it since I started college, and damn wasn’t I right. I’ve never cleaned up after a surgery on a horse. Well, at least I passed. The oral exam was immunology, which actually was okay, cause we were mostly just talking about vaccines. And even though I had the feeling of falling (you know, like when you fall endlessly in a dream) through the entire practical part, I knew I had passed when I left the OR.

So, I celebrated with going to the movies with Sunniva and drool over Orlando Bloom. And today I’m gonna celebrate my day off with buying myself a TV antenna and a long lead for Aurora. And going out with my classmates later today 🙂

Jobs and stuff

Never even thought about it, but Disney has a song called «An actor’s life for me» (Pinocchio) and «A pirate’s life for me» (Pirates of the Caribbean). Useless information, I know.

I’m in my two weeks of preparing for The Exam, but I haven’t read a single line yet. I’m gonna start tomorrow, I swear. I need to have a couple of days off, cause I’m so damn tired of everything right now.

As for the job searching: I’ve only sent one more application, but I got an interview 😀 I just need some ink for my printer, and then the rest of my applications can be sent to various clinics in the area. And I’m gonna apply for a job in Bergen, too. Never been there, but my sister said she didn’t like it. But then again, she was very negative to me moving here too, so what does she know 🙂

What's important to me right now..

It’s now 18 days until my final exam. I still have a week left on rotations, and I still need to write the last assignment. I’m starting to freak out as I feel I don’t know anything, and also cause I don’t have job waiting for me. So I said yes to a summer job at the college polyclinic for three months. I’ll mainly answer phone calls and I thought it’d be good to get some money as I don’t know what’ll happen after the summer. Then it hit me that this is supposed to be the best vet clinic in the country and I’m supposed decide, and know, who needs medical attention right away and who can wait.

My plan, if I didn’t get a job in Oslo, was to go to the UK and take some courses of behaviour problems in dogs. I’ll need to take Aurora with me as I’ll be gone for 3-4 months, so I’m now going through the rabies vaccination programme, which takes at least 6 months. Poor Rora, I’m not a fan of the idea of her on a plane, but I’ll be taking her with me to Harstad this summer, so we’ll see how that goes. I got my vacation in July, so I hope the weather will be good up north by then.

And what has happened with Grey’s Anatomy? They ran out of McDreamy intrigues so they imported Judging Amy, Scary Agent Guy from Prison Break, Deacon’s wife from The King of Queens and a Veronica Mars teenager?

Feeling a bit reduced.

Milan was great. Spent too much money, did a little sight seeing and had lots of pizza, pasta and ice cream. It was hard to leave Aurora, but I got daily reports so I knew she was fine 🙂 Came home and was afraid she had forgotten me, but she was wild when she saw me 😀

I currently have horse practice and I’m actually quite comfortable with horses now. The only downside with the horse clinic is that you stand A LOT and start at 7:30AM.

My birthday was spent with friends over for dinner and was great fun. Did even more celebrating yesterday at a school party. Took Karine from work with us, and it seemed like she had a great time. I, however, fell asleep with Curly during the party after discussing why I wouldn’t sleep with him. I’m a bit amazed that strangers care so much about what’s up with us. I also had to leave «early» at 4AM cause Aurora was home alone for the first time 😉


It’s Milan tomorrow! Kine is feeling better and Aurora is staying at Sunniva’s. I haven’t packed yet, and I’m starting to freak out again. Oh, I know it’s gonna break my heart to leave Aurora.. Sunniva is picking her up tonight as we’re leaving pretty early tomorrow, and then I won’t see her in 6 days!

A girl at college, who’s living with a girl I worked with yesterday, is at the hospital with infectious meningitis. It’s horrible, and the girl I work with had to leave to see a doctor and run some tests to see if she’d gotten it too. I haven’t heard anything, so I hope she’s okay.

I’m hooked on facebook, so if you’re there, add me 🙂

Finally some days off!

So, finally a break from school. I celebrated with an 1 hour long nap and woke up with a paw in my face.

I handed in the assignment yesterday, and it felt really good. I was actually dizzy from stressing with the last pages. Oh, and I celebrated with a pizza and Aurora licked a slice. At least she has learned to sit now, and I’m trying to teach her how to not walk into me or others, or cars for that matter..

The trip to Milan might be in danger as Kine got something from the cows last week. They thought it might be salmonella, but it wasn’t, so we’re just hoping she’ll get well enough to go with me, cause I’m not going alone.

Oh, and I heard that I was Curly’s girlfriend today. That’s news to me.