Ah, screw that!

Yesterday was the strangest day I’ve ever experienced.

First it was McSweety who sent me text messages that was not suited for his relationship status. And I was trying so hard to be the good girl, but the wine was getting the best of me and I’m falling so helplessly for him.

Then it was Curly aka McSlutface. Rumour said that he was dating this girl, but whenever I asked about it, he just denied it, and now he almost didn’t wanna admit that there ever was a girl, but I was really happy for him (and this was way before I had a thing for McSweety) if it was true. So we had a little chat about this girl and he said they weren’t even talking anymore. And I told him about McSweety, and he said I should stay away from him and I said that it was all or nothing for me, which he agreed was the right thing. So later the usual thing happened: He made his move and I said no. And then I told him it was all or nothing, just for fun, but he didn’t get it. So he got quiet and then asked: «Do you really mean it?» And I said yes, and he said it freaked him a little bit out. So I just let him believe that I was serious and said that «Oh, well, then there’s nothing else to discuss..» and grabbed my bag to leave. We talked a little bit, but it didn’t lead anywhere, so I just went home.

On my way home I got messages from McSweety and I replied that we should stop cause it couldn’t end in anything good. And this is where he went from McSweety to McOhNoYouDidn’t. He replied that I probably was right, but he only said what he meant. And before I could answer I get this: «But you’re playing along..» Blah, guys can be so stupid.. And then yet another message came: «Good night anyway». I just said I didn’t want to mess up his relationship and whatnot, so we should stop.

And then I get home and Curly calls me and wants to come over to talk. What the hell is wrong with this world? Throughout the night I was still in shock that the guy formerly known as McSweety had sent me those messages, and now Curly wanted to talk? Well, we did it quickly over the phone: I said no to everything he said. Haha.

So, I get up to my room and see that I have a message from a guy from school on facebook. He wanted me to come with him to Belgium. This is a guy I’ve spoken to.. Once or twice? Odd.

Then I wake up today and Curly calls and asked if I wanted to hang. So we did. And now I’m even more confused.

I hate this name curse!

You can stand under my umbrella

So. It’s hot. Way too hot to do anything but lie around and do nothing, or maybe swim in the ocean.

The summer job is okay. I don’t get to touch a lot of animals, but I certainly help and that, at least, feels good. It super stressful though, and one of my co-workers has started smoking just because of that..

Today is our Candidates Ball at school, and only four of us are going, but I’m gonna have fun. I predict that I’ll be drunk before we’ve finished the first course, puke in the bushes and fall asleep behind the barn. Or something like that.

I can’t write anything about my McDreamy, or the other nick we have on him, cause I’m afraid he’ll read this. Not that I think he does, but it’s complicated enough as it is. I’m unhappily happy and I dunno what to do with myself.

Mmm, McDreamy..

I slept so bad last night that you’d think it was me having the exam today. I’m baby sitting Ella for Sunniva while she has her exam.

I’ve found me a McDreamy.. They never come without complications. Damn.

Only two weeks left!

I almost didn’t renew this site and I probably shouldn’t have as I’m hardly ever blogging anymore. I guess it’ll be down next year when I’ve noticed everyone who has my e-mail address.

I’m taking shifts at the clinic for the other students so that they can take my shifts when my exam is coming up, but I’m starting to get really tired as I have rotations at school too (only two weeks left now!). And with Aurora requiring attention it’s absolutely non stop action from 6AM to 9PM. And that’s why I had decided not to go to the russ party at school on Friday. That didn’t really go as planned, but at least I had fun. I got my ass kicked by a capoiera guy, sang «Say You’ll Be There» Spice Girl style, and had a beer fight with Curly.

This weekend Aurora and I have been to puppy training, and she’s dead tired. The good thing is that I can see some changes in her behavior 🙂 Now I just need to keep on training her.

Facebook is taking over my life.

Feeling a bit reduced.

Milan was great. Spent too much money, did a little sight seeing and had lots of pizza, pasta and ice cream. It was hard to leave Aurora, but I got daily reports so I knew she was fine 🙂 Came home and was afraid she had forgotten me, but she was wild when she saw me 😀

I currently have horse practice and I’m actually quite comfortable with horses now. The only downside with the horse clinic is that you stand A LOT and start at 7:30AM.

My birthday was spent with friends over for dinner and was great fun. Did even more celebrating yesterday at a school party. Took Karine from work with us, and it seemed like she had a great time. I, however, fell asleep with Curly during the party after discussing why I wouldn’t sleep with him. I’m a bit amazed that strangers care so much about what’s up with us. I also had to leave «early» at 4AM cause Aurora was home alone for the first time 😉

Finally some days off!

So, finally a break from school. I celebrated with an 1 hour long nap and woke up with a paw in my face.

I handed in the assignment yesterday, and it felt really good. I was actually dizzy from stressing with the last pages. Oh, and I celebrated with a pizza and Aurora licked a slice. At least she has learned to sit now, and I’m trying to teach her how to not walk into me or others, or cars for that matter..

The trip to Milan might be in danger as Kine got something from the cows last week. They thought it might be salmonella, but it wasn’t, so we’re just hoping she’ll get well enough to go with me, cause I’m not going alone.

Oh, and I heard that I was Curly’s girlfriend today. That’s news to me.

Oops, I did it again..

And I regret it more than I’ve ever regretted anything. I’m so staying away from him when I’m drunk. Yesterday I was sick from remorse, but now I think I’m getting a flu or something, cause I’m nauseous and having a cough.

The good news is that I’m going to Milan with Kine and maybe Cathrine this Easter! I’m so looking forward to a girl trip 🙂 If anybody else wanna go with us, let me know until tomorrow when we’re ordering tickets and stuff.

It was soo good to see everybody again, I jumped on Sunniva and Karina. Damn, I’ve missed them so much. The clinical practice at school is going well so far. I kinda miss working at the private clinic, but I still have my late shifts there, so I guess it’s all good.

Hello, Mr. Drama Llama.

I knew it was «too good to be true». And this time it’s Mr. SanFran. It’s always been him coming on to me, and I’ve more or less always rejected him cause, well, different reasons.. Anyway, I was chatting with him on MSN and he was saying the usual stuff, when I coincidentally saw his blog where his ex/whatever said that she missed him, loved him and was looking forward to seeing him soon. So I told that whatever he’s doing, just leave me out of it. And he was surprised and asked what I was talking about, when he realised that I had read his blog, and told me it was his on-again, off-again, girlfriend. I just told him I didn’t effin’ care, I just didn’t want to be in the middle of it. And that was our conversation.

And now he’s made his blog personal (meaning no one can read it without permission), but why? Jerk.

I’m leaving for Hemsedal tomorrow at 6:30AM. Should be fun. Should be lots of alcohol. I’m taking my camera with me 🙂

Get over it!

I need to get over this Curly phase, but I dunno how. I guess it’s hard when I see him almost every day for hours, and have a really good time with him. I had a little crisis at work the other day and I called him for something related to the crisis, and he really calmed me down. I hate when he’s being nice when I know that he’s really not. Or maybe I just saw his dark side first, but still, it’s there.

Stop thinking about him!

I’ll give it a month.

Hanna, veterinary assistant.

I’m working my ass off nowadays. I now got two shifts at the vet clinic every week and every other weekend (plus the shifts I’m working there through school). I’ve almost quit my job at the grocery store, but I told them they could call me if it was an emergency. So, I get paid less by the hour, but I have less hours and I absolutely LOVE my job.

This weekend I’m partying with a first year as he’s leaving vet school for med school in Denmark. Should be fun although I’m afraid I don’t know too many at the party. He invited all his friends and all the first years, so I hope there will be someone I know.

Curly was cute and drove me home after work.