The apartment!

Yes, I’ve been putting it off for a while now, but here are pictures of the apartment! I know they are bad and you feel like tilting your head or computer screen so the shelves and whatnot won’t fall out of the picture, but I don’t have the time or energy to fix it, sorry. I don’t recommend using the slideshow as the picture will be cropped.

Out in the sun :)

We finally went back to IKEA to get the last bookshelf to the library, so when I get a moment to fix the room up, I’ll post pictures. The weather is wonderful at the time, so I’m spending as much time as possible outside.

Aurora is getting grumpier and grumpier as her puppies are growing and I’m hoping it’ll pass when we get her home from where she’s gonna stay with her babies. I’m gonna miss her SO much 🙁

I was going to get a friend of mine to buy me an iPhone while she’s in New York, but it was apparantly no use as she was told she had to wait until the new model is out, which is after she’s come home to Norway. I either need to fly back there myself or find someone else who can get me one, cause I got used to the idea of owning an iPhone for a couple of days now, and I can’t let it go…


We’ve been out with the dogs for a looong walk today, and I love it! I must admit that it’s hard to always get up early on my days off to walk the dogs, but when you’re in the woods and away from all the city noise and with the boyfriend, it’s all good. It’s more complicated with the leash law now, but what can you do? Rora runs after everything that moves, so if she doesn’t kill the birds, she sure as hell will scare them, so I’m walking her with a flexi (retractable) leash. Can’t wait until she can run free again.

My sister is coming with her boyfriend to visit us next weekend. Never met the guy and hasn’t given me the best first impression either. Let’s try to be open-minded.

The apartment is looking better and better for each day now. We actually need to go to IKEA AGAIN, but I’m starting to hate that place, so I keep putting it off. Things would be so much easier if we had a car.


Uh? I wrote an entry that just vanished.. Strange! It didn’t really say anything useful anyway, only that we’re starting to get everything in place here, and we’re now finishing up the library. I remember having more books than I can find in the boxes here, but I think some are still in Harstad.

It was good to have a day off today, but it’s back to work tomorrow. And I’m making caramel cookies at 11:30PM..

Oh, and I’ve started using twitter, so add me if you’re there 🙂

Changing the mood.

Ya, so I was tagged by Lotta, but as I’m too lazy/stressed out by the move I’m just gonna refer to my list at Sorry for being boring. Maybe I’ll do it later 🙂

We were supposed to get our last stuff from the old apartment today, but the moving people screwed us over and was going to take 25% more than we agreed, plus I took the day off from work and they couldn’t make it until 5 PM anyway. So we told them bye-bye and hired another moving company for tomorrow morning.

I’m starting to think that I’m developing bipolar disorder. I can go from super happy to OMG-my-life-is-horrible in a second. Maybe it’s just the stress from moving, redecorating and the job. It can really break you. The job, I mean. Some days are really great, and some days are depressing as hell. And on top of all the emotions are the extreme feelings of both owners, pets and coworkers. Both still I love my job. Couldn’t ask for anything else, really.

To vacate or not to vacate.

So they’re going to inseminate Rora tomorrow. Eeek. Meaning that she will get her puppies June 19th, if everything goes according to their plan. In other news: I don’t need a doggiesitter if we ever decide to go on vacation this summer. It also means that I won’t be able to take her home to my parents this summer, at least not until late August. Maybe I should ask for a week off in August insted of July.

I’m actually sitting on top of a wardrobe that I’m supposed to put together, so I guess I should get back to that. I’m starting to get tired of IKEA

It’s all coming together.

Eventually. Soon I hope.

The living room is more or less done now. We’re painting the kitchen later today. (that’s the plan, anyway.) The electrician is here now and he took down the electricity, so all I have left here is The Amber Spyglass and my charged MacBook. Boyfriend is in the other apartment to get something to eat and do some laundry. It’s very expensive not being able to cook in your own apartment! We eat take out too often and spending way more then we planned to on everything!

I’m hooked on Fire Emblem! It’s been a while since I last played something as often as I do now. In fact it was Pokémon last summer, which is long when you used to be a game freak.

Both the dogs are in heat now. I’m gonna have to tell the vet in the project Rora’s in, and they are going to inseminate her..

To be continued.


Ugh, I can’t believe it, but I’ve got the cold. I was getting better from the virus or whatever I had, and now I’m all snot and phlegm. Nice. Very nice.

We finally got a lock on the storeroom, so we’re able to put away the things we don’t want or need in the apartment. It’s even messier here now than when we were putting the kitchen in order, but the thought of having everything like we want in the end is what keeps us through the day.

I’ve started using twitter. Add me if you’re there 🙂

Status report.

So, after spending more than 60 000 NOK (approx. $12 000) on kitchen, couch, wardrobe, paint ++ are we now soon ready to decorate the living room. We have moved some of my boxes over to the apartment, but most of our things are still in the «old» apartment. Our days are now daytime jobs, working in the new apartment, sleep. At least now we can’t see some progress. The living room will be done by this week, and I’ll finally be able to play my Wii games that I bought in Germany (Harvest Moon and Fire Emblem). I’m looking forward to that day when we can unpack our things and start living as normal people again.

Germany was great. The dogs behaved and we even took them to Cologne for a day 🙂 At the end of the day both dogs slept under our table at a bar on a Saturday night!


Remind me to never buy an apartment again.

The stress!